The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Foundation, Inc.

Milton and Fannie Brown Foundation, Inc.

Program Supporters

Key Partners

Founding Partner

Dr. Kerri L. Lopez has provided a majority of the funding and support needed to launch and support Inclusive Sports and Fitness, Inc. Without Dr. Lopez's contributions, ISF programming would not have been available to our extraordinary young athletes.



On March 8, 2018 – The John C. Dunphy Private Foundation recognized the outstanding work, the caring and the successful results that ISF brings to children faced with various challenges.  Realizing the tremendous value that ISF brings to our community and the need to help ISF continue their goodwill efforts, the Dunphy Foundation provided us a significant award to support our efforts, advance or research and development, and expand our programming. See News for details.

Inclusive Sports and Fitness, Inc. relies on community support and charitable contributions to realize our mission and is grateful to receive support from community organizations and businesses. Inclusive Sports and Fitness, Inc. provides systematic, science-driven, and data-guided activities designed to bring about change.

The John C. Dunphy Family Foundation

The support and generosity of the Dephne Seybolt Culpeper Foundation and Milton Fannie Brown Foundation have afforded us the opportunity to obtain technology that will allow us to better treat motor skills impairments in children. We now have the technology to push the limits our a child's abilities.