​Exceptional children need exceptional programming There are a number of factors (sensory, emotional, and social) associated with motor skills deficits. Children with motor skills deficits require skilled approach that includes skilled analysis and interventions that address their specific needs. We offer a comprehensive approach that enhances a child’s abilities and addresses their needs.  All of our interventions are supported by the latest in technology and research. 

Interactive Metronome

Inclusive Sports and Fitness, Inc. provides comprehensive evidence-based approaches for families and exceptional children. We offer programs for those with special needs and children with autism that foster development and the advancement of skills in an inclusive environment.

What is Interactive Metronome (IM)?

Interactive Metronome is an intensive computer based program used to improve a child's processing abilities that affect attention, motor planning, sensory processing and sequencing.

How Does it Work?

IM provides a structured, goal oriented program that challenges a child and facilitates the organization of the whole body through computer-generated sounds. The child attempts to match the rhythmic beat with repetitive motor movements. IM's Game-like features engage the child with auditory and visual guidance and provide real-time feedback while encouraging the child to improve their scores.

Goals of Interactive Metronome

  1. Improve independence with self-care activities

  2. Improve performance in sports and leisure activities

  3. Improve attention related to daily function

  4. Improve academic performance and ability to follow directions

  5. Improve self-esteem and social skills

  6. Improve behavior, aggression and impulsivity

Program Overview

Occupational therapists use this program to tailor an intervention plan to meet the child's needs. The computer challenges the child to precisely match a rhythmic beat with synchronized hand and foot exercises. The child is given feedback through headphones that tells them how "on beat" they are. This feedback guides the child and helps improve their timing and ability to plan actions. IM will start in April for children enrolled in ISF programs. For more information, visit