Disability Awareness and Bully Prevention Services

ISF provides bully prevention and disability awareness services for schools. We provide a fun, interactive, and multifaceted workshop that helps students gain insight, awareness, and respect for all children.

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ISF, Inc. programming is not just an activity-based program. Children do not simply attend our programming to occupy their time. ISF, Inc. programming is designed to occupy their time in a purposeful and meaningful manner that will facilitate the advancement of physical, social, and emotional skills. We provide professional consultation and interventions tailored to meet your child's needs. Participation in the program includes a comprehensive assessment that identifies the child's mind-brain-body performance capacities. Through formal and informal assessments, observations, and video analysis, we design programming to maximize your child's performance. Progress notes provide parents with insight into the child's abilities and capabilities.

Program Benefits

  • Advancement of function through training-induced neural plasticity
  • Facilitation of sensory integration and modulation
  • Enhancement of cognitive functioning
  • Young adult and peer mentoring 
  • Health, wellness and weight management
  • Social skills development
  • Professional and parent collaborations


Inclusive Sports and Fitness, Inc. programming is designed utilizing best-evidence approaches in occupational therapy, coaching, and physical fitness. We utilize small developmental group process to facilitate advancement of functional skills to increase communication, social interaction, and cognitive-behavioral skills. Our sessions are uniquely designed with structured activities and occupational therapy strategies to maximize engagement and participation in typical sports activities. Inclusive Sports and Fitness Inc. programming incorporates interactional or relationship-based practice by providing structured supportive mentoring with typical children and young adult mentoring. This facilitates improvement in socio-emotional competency and positive social engagement. Moreover, These activities provide opportunities to improve motor skills and an ability to participate in sports activities.