Athlete Application

Spring Program starts April 2018. Registration must be completed and submitted by April 13th. Unfortunately, space is limited. We are limiting the Spring Program to ISF members unless the child has been screened and approved to participate in our program. Preference is given to children who are on existing waiting list.





Mentor Application

What is ISF?  ISF is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to typical sports for children with special needs.  ISF is a therapeutic sports program designed to increase the functional abilities of children with special needs on and off the playing field. With the growing prevalence of extraordinary children, there is an increasing need to provide services that maximize children’s ability to develop and play. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art programming and develop a model for intervention at little to no cost to the families we serve. Through ISF, children with special needs have an opportunity to improve a range of skills necessary for participating in sports programs. The program is staffed by occupational therapists, graduate students, and youth mentors.

The role of the mentor is to assist and encourage their “buddy” student to participate in the activities.  The mentors serve a crucial role as youth models, and are critical to providing the youth athletes support and modeling of productive behaviors.   While we try to be flexible with scheduling commitments of the mentors, please understand that mentors are very important to the success of the program.  The students within the program rely and look forward to their mentor being present on specific days.  Regularly switching mentors diminishes the consistency of the program and can become detrimental to the student’s progress.  As such, we hope a regular commitment can be made.

***Mentors selected for the program must attend a mandatory training program (ISF Mentor 101) prior to starting.

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