Present in the photo taken by Spelman Photography Studios of Sayville are: (Left to right) NYS Assemblyman, Andrew Garbarino; NYS Senator, Thomas D. Croci; President of John C. Dunphy Private Foundation, Frank P. Grasso;  Dunphy Foundation Public Relations Director, Karlyn B. Grasso;  Founder of Inclusive Sports & Fitness, Alex Lopez, JD, OT/L, FAOTA; Dunphy Foundation CFO and Accountant, Henry Fiorillo; ISF Board President  John Lorenzo; Town of Islip Councilwoman Trish Bergin Weichbrodt and Town of Islip Councilwoman Mary Kate Mullen.

​John C. Dunphy Private Foundation, Inc.


     The mission of Inclusive Sports & Fitness [ISF, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization] is to provide skilled therapeutic, fitness, and habilitation services to children in our local community and to enhance their skill-sets using sports and other activities. ISF hopes to level the playing field for all!
     The mission of the John C. Dunphy Private Foundation is to help improve the quality of life for others in the spirit of John Dunphy. The JDF Board of Directors and Officers, (including Frank Grasso, Fran Livernois, Nancy Ruppert, Henry Fiorillo, Christene Petracca and Karlyn Grasso,) invited Alex Lopez, (Founder and Chair of ISF,) to the annual board meeting to share the critical needs of ISF with the Dunphy board.  Alex spoke passionately and altruistically about ISF and outlined the financial requirements needed to purchase additional equipment and services totaling $35,000.

     Unanimously, the board voted in favor to provide a grant of $50,000 so that ISF could purchase the equipment and help to alleviate some of their general business overhead expense items.
     Alex’s presentation to the board was heartfelt and incredibly moving. His dedication to helping the young participants was directly in line with the Dunphy Foundation’s mission to help improve the quality of life for others.
     His message also inspired the Dunphy Foundation to provide additional funding. The Dunphy Foundation approved a matching gift in the amount of $50,000 to be given to ISF in coordination with all fundraising efforts throughout 2018; including the funds raised at the ISF Annual Gala, held at Lands’ End, Sayville, on March 8th, 2018.ISF will need your help and support to continue all fundraising efforts. For more information on how you can contribute and support the athletes of ISF, their family members, and other local children of our community.

The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Foundation, Inc. Milton and Fannie Brown Foundation, Inc.

Special thanks for the generosity and support of the Daphne Seybolt Culpeper and Milton and Fannie Brown Foundations. Inclusive Sports and Fitness, Inc. is making significant strides in advancing the motor social, and emotional skills of its children.  The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper and Milton and Fannie Brown Foundations are helping us advance our ability to make a lasting impact with its contributions. ISF, Inc. has purchased a customized treadmill to assist children with motor impairments advance their skills in sports and recreational play.  The treadmill allows use to perform dynamic training drills and activities bringing them closer to mainstream sports, recreational and leisure activities. 

Kingston's Clam Bar

Special Thanks for the support and contributions of Kingston Clam Bar and the kindness and charitable contributions to Inclusive Sports and Fitness.

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