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1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, which means that 1 in 68 children need your support.


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Inclusive Sports and Fitness, Inc. enjoys support from local community members and advocates.

What drives us to do what we do? Exceptional children are often deprived, alienated, or withdraw from opportunities to engage their bodies and minds.

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Alexander Lopez has clinical expertise is in pediatric occupational therapy. Alex developed a nationally recognized gang prevention and health promotion program for at-risk youth known as PAR FORE. PAR FORE applies golf as a therapeutic medium for developing healthy life skills necessary for adult success. He started the endeavor with the help of community leaders and advocates. PAR FORE has grown from serving 10 adolescents to adolescents in at-risk communities’ three states in New York, Utah, and New Jersey and is managed by four institutions of higher learning (Touro University, Stony Brook University, Kean University, and University of Utah). Alex has worked as a volunteer occupational therapist in providing pro bono services to economically disadvantaged residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties for over 11 years. Since moving to Long Island, he has collaborated with multiple governmental and nongovernmental organization to support under-represented, underserved populations.  

Inclusive Sports and Fitness was designed from the work done with PAR FORE (www.parfore.org), a golf program established in 2007. PAR FORE programming was designed to meet the psychosocial needs of at-risk youth. PAR FORE has since been replicated in three other states and has received national recognition. It was a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the PAR FORE program that inspired Alexander Lopez to explore how sports and recreation activities can advance personal capacities. Parents who had children in the PAR FORE program with different abilities reported improved social interaction skills, greater engagement and participation in school and leisure activities, and improved gross motor performance. Building on the core principles of the PAR FORE program, ISF has expanded its approach to meet the needs of children who do not have access to typical organized sports and recreational activities. ISF utilizes best evidence practice approaches in health and neuroscience to facilitate the advancement of socio-emotional, cognitive-behavioral and sensori-motor performance.